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Where has it all gone.

I love this. Tim Frommoyer had a similar feel. Newgrounds now lacks these animations of old. It lacks people that animate to express and not to entertain. It lacks people who just animate to create something beautiful and not animate for some heightened popularity. The passion is gone. Newgrounds is missing these core elements. I wish you were back, Nick Sutton.

Dude the guy 2 reviews below me KNOWS NUFFIN

TWAS ZOMFG LOL. WAS THE BESTEST! yeh purposeful bad english. I hear that's cool.

Thaaaat explaaaains everything.


Fluent- funny-terrific!

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Very addictive, barely felt an ounce of boredom.

Better than most strategy games by a long shot. Epic simplicity, well done.

Nice game!

Great game man! The simplicity of game and fluency of te animation is really good!
I like then ambient game-arcade style music in the background aswell.

By the way ZeronXenix05 said this: Character starts running after a second of holding the run button, and also has to slow down before he can fully stop. This leads to many deaths.
Zeron the entire point of the start up slow-down movement is to add to the gameplay-it's more realistic. It makes it more challenging and the author ment to do that to add to the games difficulty.

Anyway this game I think is simply awesome-if you make a sequal you should add more levels. The trial and error system of this game really pulls off, and also the "damn-what??etc." quirks really worked aswell! frontpage privelage deserved!

Awe dude!

Awesome. Checkpoints were evenly spaced. The gameplay thoroughly enjoyable. The art somewhat weird but also detailed frikin sweet. Well done!

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I love it. I feel awesome because I was there. ^-^
It sounds polished, seems you flattened some of the high backing vocals.
AND I LOVE that grunty point where you sound "Jimmy Barnes-y"

I like.

It is simple and it's that kinda song u'd use as background music for a flash game, or something. 5 and a 9 well done brao.

DrSalvadork responds:

Thankies dear sir. ^^

Good Hardstyle? ON NEWGROUNDS??? WHAT?

Dude most hardstyle newgrounds stuff is tryhards chucking in a bass a few sounds and shit, but THIS!! this is amazing!!

SpazeMusic responds:

Haha thanks man! :D

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It was your birthday that day

but you did'nt celebrate, cuz you've got other important things on your mind. When is your service done?

I still love it.


DrSalvadork responds:

Thanks d00d! :D

Oooh nice job! ^-^

How do make such sexy effects? When it comes to explosions and stuff this is definitely your strong point. The only bad thing is the white outline. next time you upload gif try changing the background colour to black and see if that fixes up the dodgy white outline. I havent tried it b4 but it might work...

DrSalvadork responds:

Oh yea lol. The white outline is a result of it having to have a transparent BG... It was originally supposed to be a smilie on a site, but I guess it was too big or something, so it never worked there. I just wanted to submit it for kicks. :P

Thanx for reviewing!

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